Monthly Perks

  • Participate from anywhere with virtual access to programming

  • All sessions run by expert investors, reporters and corporate partners

  • Introductions to investors for 1on1 mentoring sessions

  • PR, Growth Hacking, Legal 1on1 office hours

  • Monthly workshops on hot legal topics

  • Special press and pitching opportunities

  • Investor mentor AMAs 

Month 1

Set Up For Success

  • Grow your network w/investor speed mentoring

  • Start your investor updates

  • Drive your business using KPIs

  • Craft your story for networking

  • Build long-term relationships w/investors

  • Get advice from a founder who raised

Month 2

Grow Your Company

  • Learn to pitch potential clients & partners

  • Build your business development plan
  • Craft your pitch to the press
  • Develop your social media & PR strategy
  • Growth hack your business

  • Get advice from a founder who raised

  • Get your questions answered w/investor AMA

Month 3

Set Up To Fundraise

  • Discover alternative capital sources

  • Plan your seed & series A round milestones

  • Engage strategic advisors

  • Get advice from a founder who raised

  • Get your questions answered investor & press AMAs

  • Understand timing your fundraise

Month 4

Perfect Your Pitch

  • Perfect your investor pitch

  • Learn to pitch investor groups

  • Drive your fundraise with a lead investor

  • Learn to engage funds & VC’s

  • Create a due diligence war-room

  • Fine tune your financial models & projections

  • Graduate & go forth to fundraise!


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